The Integrated Outbound Marketing & Sales Approach that an Energy Consulting Firm Used to Secure Their Foothold in a New Target Market






A Sales Pipeline Full of Quality Leads from Targeted Accounts and Significant Early Return on Investment 

This process has allowed us to simply deliver bona fide sales opportunities to the company, where we hand the conversation over to their team to close.

In just a few months we tripled the size of their pipeline with over 1800 quality leads in their database to market to. Ed told us that Before, they mostly worked at utilities companies that they met through word-of-mouth. Now he’s got contacts who are executives at factories,” and better fit the ideal clients for their new service.

Ed’s first contract from his campaign was worth high 5-figures and generated a significant return from just his first deal. Here’s how Ed summed up his campaign,

“I love talking about LinkedSelling! They’re very transparent. I can show my partners, who are engineers, and tell them ‘this is the exact system we have in place and have access to.’ We get regular updates on what [our account manager] is doing. My partners are very technical and very detail-oriented, and they’re comfortable with the process because the team makes it that way for them.”

Not only have the leads more than paid for the entire campaign, it’s saved Strategic Energy Group money that it would take to have hired internally and sent a rep around the country to events for.

Ed shared with us that his monthly management price is much more competitive than what he’d seen from other outbound providers on the market…many of which didn’t provide as direct an impact to his bottom-line as the LinkedSelling campaign has delivered.

He also mentioned that the consistency of the results from his campaign have led to better forecasting and given them more control over their pipeline for their monthly and quarterly planning.

He says, “People are responding. We have noticed a major difference in our traffic. I know the exact amount of outreach it will take from the team, which gives me about 10 calls, of which 2 typically turn into GREAT sales opportunities.”

He went on to describe the process that his account management team of experts has provided, “I’m more authentic and I’m getting some of our best leads ever who are interested in our new service. Our whole implementation structure shifted because of this.”

“Simply put – It’s working as planned.”  

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