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Price floor optimization is one of the crucial steps of Prebid ad stack management. A poorly set price floor can cut your revenue in half, if not more. However, optimizing these floors is an ongoing, time-consuming process that takes quite a lot of know-how. That is why Brid.TV recently introduced the Prebid price floor optimizer, which automates the process of dynamic price floor setup. 

What Is Brid.TV’s Prebid Price Floor Optimizer?

The Prebid price floor optimizer is a monetization booster within the Brid.TV Yield Optimization Engine. It is a price floor automation tool that leverages advanced algorithms and data analytics to calculate the optimal floor for each subsequent auction.

Although the price floor optimizer is still quite new, it has already demonstrated great results. Many of our premium partners have seen their ad revenue more than double within just a few days of activating it.

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How Does the Prebid Price Floor Optimizer Work?

Price floor optimization is an automated process that, once activated through our Brid.TV CMS, will perform the following steps.

Step 1: Data Gathering and Analysis

First, the optimizer gathers relevant data. This includes information on your current ad setup and fill rates, as well as statistics from similar publishers in terms of audience size, targeting, and so on. 

Step 2: Initial Price Floor Setup

The optimizer processes the gathered data and turns it into actionable insights. Using these insights, the optimizer determines the best price floors for each piece of your ad inventory

Step 3: Dynamic Price Floor Adjustments

After the initial setup, the optimizer tracks the performance of your header bidding auctions and adjusts the price floors. For instance, if many of your ad calls are returning empty, it will lower the price floor to attract more bids. On the other hand, if your auctions are receiving bids on the current floor, it will raise the floor to find new limits and try to serve higher-earning ads.

Who Should Use the Brid.TV Price Floor Optimizer?

The Brid.TV price floor optimizer is a great tool for all publishers and other video-focused businesses that use Prebid to sell ad inventory. As the automation process makes price floor optimization much faster, easier, and more streamlined, it is also a good option for publishers looking to save up on ad operations. 

Are you not using Prebid but would still like to use the optimization tool? Implementing Prebid with Brid.TV is easy and takes only a couple of clicks. Aside from price floor optimization, using Prebid will allow you to access a large pool of ad demand.

If you’d rather stick with waterfalling, the Brid.TV Yield Optimization Engine still has a monetization booster for you. Intelligent waterfall management allows you to activate your entire ad stack and serve even more ads. It also comes with a looping option, which enables you to serve multiple ads consecutively.

Activate the Brid.TV Prebid Price Floor Optimizer Today

Are you ready to achieve the full monetization potential of your ad inventory? Join Brid.TV today, activate Prebid, and take advantage of high-end ad tech with the Prebid price floor optimizer. 

But that’s not all you get by joining Brid.TV. We also offer ad demand from reputable sources such as Google ADX and Amazon UAM, detailed ad analytics, yield optimization tools, and a comprehensive OVP with a lightweight HTML5 player. Reach out to our sales team to find out more about our offer today.

Automatic Prebid Price Floor Optimizer
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