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April Nelson May 2, 2023

When you are creating your Performance Max ads, keep in mind that Google will select from your assets to create the best ad for each user on the fly, so your assets should all be able to work together to form a cohesive message. Here is a quick reference of the asset types and specifications for each.

Text Assets

Headline: 30 characters max; include at least one with 15 characters or less.

Long Headline: 90 characters max

Description: 90 characters max; include at least one with 60 characters or less.

Business Name: 25 characters max

Image Assets

Landscape & Square Images: at least 1 and up to 20

Portrait image, optional

Logo (1:1)

Landscape logo, optional

Video Assets

While this is optional, we highly recommend including at least one video asset to give your ads the most visibility across Google properties. Your video asset must be available as a link to the video on your YouTube channel (the video may be private.)

Call to Action Asset

This is automated by default. Should you want to have a fixed CTA, you can choose from: Learn more, Get quote, Apply now, Sign up, Contact us, Subscribe, Download, Book now, or Shop now.

Save yourself some time by making sure your Performance Max assets adhere to these specifications. Not only are the file type and size important, but aspect ratios also play a part in your ad viewability. Think about how your ads will look on the small screen (mobile devices). Take advantage of the ad showing across all Google properties by uploading all asset types, in multiple variations.

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