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Linkedln is the perfect B2B space. You’ve 61 million executives active on the platform. And, a whopping 40 million of the audience are key decision-makers. That shows the potential of business you can find yourself doing on the platform.

While Linkedln is proving to be gold for content creators, it’s also equally opportunistic for startups. After email, it’s the second big thing for B2B marketers.

Keeping in view the potential for B2B space, we’ll focus specifically on how startups can leverage growth with Linkedln video ads. Are these truly effective?

If yes, what can you do outperform others?

Reading on you’ll discover;

  • What kind of content works on Linkedin?
  • Should you go mobile-first on Linkedin?
  • How to create ad campaign for Linkedin?
  • Benchmarks for ad campaign
  • An overview of marketing funnel under Linkedin ads
  • Linkedin ad specs and much more

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

What kind of content works on Linkedin?

Following are five types of content that are super popular on Linkedin. Using these you can draw in more engagements and hopefully, build a strong presence on the platform over a period of time.

  • Mini-blogs
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Carousels
  • E-books

And, interestingly, you can even share third party content. The platform is not just about you. People are craving for quality content all the time. While you may be able to hook them for most of their time, you can’t be the entertainer every day.

In that case, it would be better to repurpose content that has gone viral. Or you can even repost with your thoughts. That can help you show up daily without worrying about curating new content for each new post.

Go Mobile-First

When creating video content for LinkedIn, choose to be mobile-friendly. Know that 97% of audience in LinkedIn are mobile users. So, creating mobile-first content is a must.

Aside from sleek UI and engaging UX, you need to pay special attention to the fact that most people watch ads and videos on mute. So, you want to include a subtitle or a script that is explanatory on its own. Or you can choose to have strong visuals as these won’t require you to be overtly creative with captions and the script.

Linkedin video ads specs

  • You can have video ads not exceeding 3 minutes and 30 seconds in length
  • You can have a frame rate of 30 fps
  • MP4 format is preferred
  • 750 KB to 200 MB file sizes are acceptable

Linkedln video ads best practices

The cost per view or CPV is typically around $ 0.10 – $ 0.25. A view will add to your report when a viewer watches video for 3 seconds.

This one thing is important to keep in mind while calculating a startup video production cost.

A LinkedIn study shows that videos under 30 seconds have 200% better video completion rate than those with a length over 30 seconds.

So, consider making videos under 30 seconds.

Guide for startups to create content

You’ll see marketers on LinkedIn creating ad campaigns around three stages of the marketing funnel;

  • Awareness
  • Thought Leadership
  • Lead generation

Most creators you see on LinkedIn would promote themselves for the purpose of an awareness campaign. As they begin to realize that there is a large target audience and stringent competition, they have no chance, but to differentiate.

That’s why playing as a thought leader with content that establishes authority and promises value is so important. You can see thought leadership campaigns similar to those made for the consideration stage of the funnel.

As people tend to recognize you as a thought leader, they look up to you for new insight in their domain of work. You can be quick to pick on a new trend and address their pain points.

We can see the same happening across all socials where marketers have bombarded so much content around ChatGPT and how any aspiring marketer can leverage its potential to good use.

Last, but not the least, we have lead generation ad campaigns. Now that you’ve already recognized a few creators as thought leaders, you’ll be more interested to engage with them directly. This could be possible by taking a course or signing up for their newsletter, or getting on with a consultation call.

If you want more inspiration on what type of ads are best on Linkedln, here are some cool Linkedln video ads best examples.

Linkedln ad metrics

While launching ad campaigns successfully can be a part of your everyday job, there are certain campaign benchmarks, you should always eye for.

The view-through rate is at 28.5%, whereas the CTR is at 0.35%.

So, if you can attract clicks anywhere above 0.5%, then know that you’ve done really well. To achieve these benchmarks, we would advise you to keep the content short and concise.

It is important to know that these CTR benchmarks are for website conversions which is mostly through landing pages.

And, you can expect to have an engagement rate of 1.7%. Again, it’s just a benchmark. Depending upon the quality of content and virality of its topic, you might see a big upside.

Final thoughts

Let’s wrap this one up. Above we discussed how Linkedln has become a game changer for content creators in the B2B space.

It’s not just cool for startup marketers, but it’s also the next big thing after email marketing. In fact, most startups are already leveraging Linkedln video content to bring in leads and grow their customer data.

Next, we highlighted what kind of content works best on Linkedln and why you should (as a startup) consider sharing or repurposing content that has proven to be cool.

Utilize time-tested strategies to good use. Moreover, we also shared some cool insights on why brands should focus more on going mobile-first.

And, the need to create scripts or subtitles that can elicit a moment of awe from the audience as most people watch videos on mute. It should come as no surprise because of the guilt of scrolling phones in work premises.

Lastly, we gave you an overview of the marketing funnel and what kind of video content you can choose to produce for each of the stages.

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