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Instagram Reels has, without a doubt, improved a lot. Admittedly, it is still not what people think of when they hear “short-form videos.” That still goes to TikTok, the one that popularized the format. However, you can call it a worthy rival.

According to Meta in a report earlier this year, users already spend 20% of their time on Instagram watching Reels. That is not surprising because the company has shifted its focus from photos to videos. It is practically shoving Reels at users’ faces.

Tutorial Videos are the New Trend on Instagram Reels

Instagram has invested $1 billion into creators to encourage people to try Reels. The platform pays people up to $35,000 a month for Reels that are performing well. 

The competition on Reels is tough, but not as tough as it is on TikTok. And its integration with Instagram means people can use the platform for two things. TikTok is only for watching short-form videos. Meanwhile, Instagram offers a lot more outside of Reels. So, more and more people decided to give Reels a go.

Now, if you want to break on Reels, you need to know what content types work and what do not.

Looking at the trends ensures that your Reels will get a lot of attention. If you don’t have that information, you could be wasting your time on a video that will not do well. It could work sometimes, but it takes a bit of luck for the results to be like that. Making short-form videos does not take as much time as making long-form videos. But you still put in the effort. So, we highly recommend that you look at the trends.

So, what are the most popular topics on Instagram Reels?

Why You Should Keep Updated With The Latest Trends on Instagram

Instagram Reels, a novel feature that emerged on the social media landscape in August 2020, has rapidly gained momentum among users, solidifying its position as a powerful tool for self-expression and engagement. As a contemporary philosopher, I will delve into the reasons why one should stay abreast of the latest trends of Instagram Reels, and how it can serve as an agent of metamorphosis for one’s personal brand or account.

To begin with, let’s briefly examine the essence of Instagram Reels. In essence, it is a medium that allows its users to craft and share 15-second videos set to a melodic soundtrack that can be embellished with a plethora of effects. These videos can be showcased on one’s profile or within the Reels section of Instagram.

One of the primary reasons why one should keep up with the latest trends in Instagram Reels is that it serves as a conduit for expanding one’s reach and growing one’s audience. With over one billion monthly active users, Instagram is an undeniable behemoth in the realm of social media. Reels act as a supplementary feature, providing an additional avenue for users to create and disseminate content, thereby propelling the amplification of one’s presence on the platform.

Another compelling reason to stay informed of the latest trends of Instagram Reels is that it permits one to exhibit their creativity and individuality. With the ability to adorn videos with various effects and music, one can craft unique content that stands out in a sea of sameness. The plethora of effects and music options available on the platform offers a boundless expanse of possibilities, akin to a painter’s canvas.

Moreover, staying up to date with the latest trends of Instagram Reels can also aid in enhancing the visibility of one’s brand. As more businesses and influencers begin to harness the power of Reels, it has become a prevalent means of promoting products, services, and events. By remaining cognizant of the latest trends, one can ensure that their content reaches a larger audience and that their brand remains relevant, much like a lighthouse illuminating the darkness of obscurity.

Lastly, it is imperative to keep abreast of the latest trends in Instagram Reels, as it serves as a catalyst for engagement with one’s followers. By creating captivating content that evokes emotion and invites interaction, one can augment engagement on their profile and foster a deeper connection with their growing followers, much like a musician striking a chord with the audience.

Tutorial Videos

Even on YouTube, the world’s largest video-streaming platform, how-to videos are extremely popular. So, it is unsurprising that these videos are also the most popular on Reels. 

People turn to the internet to learn new things. It is more convenient than going to libraries or buying books from a bookstore. And according to research, people retain information better when they see it. That makes videos the most desirable format for tutorials. Short-form video tutorials also make it better by presenting information in easily digestible bites.

If you are using Instagram for your small business, we highly recommend you try making videos like this. You can make “how to use *insert product here*” videos. Also, you can do troubleshooting tutorials. Your consumers would appreciate that.

If you are a fashion vlogger, you can make videos where you show your viewers how to achieve a specific style. A fitness coach can show his followers how to do proper warm-up exercises. 

The gist is that no matter what you do, there is a how-to video for you to do. If you already have how-to blogs, that is perfect. You can repurpose those by presenting them as Reels.

Tutorial Videos are the New Trend on Instagram Reels

Tip: Do not forget to add text on your how-to Reels. Some people scroll through Instagram with their sounds off. By including text, you are preventing them from skipping your videos because they can’t understand them. 


People love video challenges. Look at how many dance challenges there are on TikTok. The ice bucket challenge also topped the news. So, you can search for challenges on Reels and participate. It is a fantastic way to drive traffic, increase followers, and boost engagements. 

But remember to participate only in challenges that are relevant to what you are doing. Otherwise, you will confuse your audience. Worse, they may unfollow you because you are showing them content they are not looking for.


Stories (actual stories, not Instagram Stories) are great for making users come back. Depending on your niche, you can create one or take one from real-life experiences. Then, divide them into segments and post intermittently. If the story you chose is interesting, curious users will keep coming back to know what happens next or how the story concludes.

Comedy Sketches

Head of business marketing for Instagram Grace Kao spoke to Axios and revealed what the other popular content types on Reels are. Comedy is one of the types she mentioned.

Again, that is hardly surprising. People watch videos to feel good. Comedy videos make them laugh. Put two and two together, and it just makes sense. Currently, there is a high demand for this kind of video. People are stressed because of the pandemic and all the other things that are happening. Something that can brighten their days would be great.

You can try making this type of Reels if you have a good sense of humor.

Augmented Reality

Even in the computer age, people are still wildly amazed by technological advancements. Thus, Reels with augmented reality filters and special effects are also popular. They allow content creators to have fun with how many things they can do. And their viewers love seeing what they do with these special effects.

Cultural Moments

Social media users are also very vocal about demanding social change. So, Reels celebrating big cultural moments perform well. Kao gave Axios Pride Month as an example. Reels about LGBT rights were very popular in June. And even when it is not Pride Month, these videos still do well.

So when something like that happens, and it is related to what you do, try making a Reel about it. It can help you attract the attention of users on Instagram. In turn, that can increase your views, engagements, and followers.

Tutorial Videos are the New Trend on Instagram Reels


Who can resist an adorable, smart golden retriever puppy or a chunky cat? Their so cute you smile just by seeing them. While pets are not as popular on Instagram Reels as on TikTok, users still love seeing them. 


If you want to grow your audience on Reels, you should consider doing how-to videos. It is the most popular content type on the platform. If that does not suit your niche, try the other things on this list. They are already proven and tested. 

Date: January 10, 2023 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Rich Drees

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