85 Easy To Sell Print-on-Demand Product Ideas In 2022






For most new entrepreneurs, one of the easiest and fastest ways to start their first online business is to source print-on-demand products. “Print-on-demand” is a term that refers to the exact process of sourcing an ecommerce product to sell. Print-on-demand products are typically blank products that are created with the sole intention of having a custom design printed on them. In this article, we’ve rounded up 85 print-on-demand product ideas that exist on the market right now, so entrepreneurs can stock their stores with them.

How Does Print-on-Demand Work?

A print on demand company supplies the products, and they’re usually completely blank products that have no identifying markings on them that merchants or customers can print their own designs on. For merchants, this means they can create their own unique products on what would otherwise be a blank product, and for customers, it means they can create custom one-off items they might not be able to find in a store.

How to Start a Print-on-Demand Business

To start a print-on-demand business, you don’t need very much experience and you don’t need a lot of resources. You can use an ecommerce platform like Shopify to host your website which helps you get your website set up quickly and easily, and then you need to find a print-on-demand product supplier to source products. We’ll list print-on-demand product suppliers throughout this article for each specific product, but some of the main print-on-demand product suppliers include:

One of the main advantages of using Shopify to set up your print-on-demand store is that these print on demand services are all found in the Shopify App Store. You’ll be able to add a print provider to your website in a click of a button, allowing you to automatically import your newly design custom products on your own online store. Some of the top recommended print-on-demand suppliers in the Shopify App Store include:

Note: For more great dropshipping apps on the Shopify App Store that don’t necessarily fit into the print-on-demand category, check out our list of the best Shopify dropshipping apps.

Print-on-Demand Apparel Products


Print-on-Demand T-Shirts

This is one of the most well-known print-on-demand products to sell, and is likely one of the first types of print-on-demand products that was ever sold! In fact, we started our very own ecommerce store in 24 hours by selling print-on-demand t-shirts, and we documented the entire process in our How to Start a T-Shirt Business in 24 Hours with $24 and How You Can Too article. You too can sell t-shirts using the print on demand services below.


Print-on-Demand Leggings

Activewear apparel has become a trending product in recent years, and the demand for it continues to grow. One of the top popular products in the activewear market are leggings, and with print-on-demand suppliers, you can stock your own custom all over print leggings in your online store.


Print-on-Demand Tank Tops

Similar to t-shirts, tank tops are another good print-on-demand product idea. If you’re already selling t-shirts in your ecommerce store, consider stocking tank tops as well with the same designs! This will give your customers more choice and since you don’t have to purchase any additional inventory upfront from your print provider, it will be at no extra cost to you.


Print-on-Demand Baseball Tee

Baseball tees, otherwise known as raglan tees, are another popular variation of the more traditional t-shirt design. With their distinctive sleeve design that’s typically three-quarter length and a contrasting color to the main body of the top, it gives a casual and sporty look to the garment which could be desirable for some brands using a print on demand service.


Print-on-Demand Long Sleeved Shirt

Keep it simple and add long-sleeved shirts to your ecommerce store! Long-sleeved shirts are a classic and a staple in many people’s wardrobe, and a product that can easily be revamped with a fun, clever and custom design and sold on your own website.


Print-on-Demand Polo Shirts

If you’re interested in selling digital printing t-shirts online but feel that the niche might be oversaturated, polo shirts might be a better option for you. They’re slightly more niche than just plain t-shirts and polo shirts with custom designs are more difficult to locate in traditional retail stores.


Print-on-Demand Sweater

For the ultimate casual comfort, consider stocking hoodies or sweaters on your online store! They’re also a great addition to your store if you’re selling similar products like t-shirts and tank tops as they give your customers more options to choose from.


Print-on-Demand Skirts

This is one of the less saturated options when it comes to products that are available on the market, and it’s definitely one worth exploring if you want to offer something different or if you want to round out your store’s apparel offering and sell for a good retail price.


Print-on-Demand Dresses

Dresses are a versatile product which can be made into unique items with interesting custom designs. Try adding them to your product offering along with skirts to expand your options so customers can have more choice. Selling both can help customers save on shipping costs when they order multiple items from your online store.


Print-on-Demand Swimwear

A popular product to sell with an all over print is swimwear. To create a comprehensive online store centered around swimwear and other related products, add custom beach towels and hats to round out your product offering.


Print-on-Demand Activewear

If you’re starting a fitness apparel online store, you can sell various activewear items. From sports bras to leggings to tank tops and more. You’ll find print on demand services have various activewear items that you can design custom products for your own store.


Print-on-Demand Bodysuits

Bodysuits are a popular product primarily in the women’s apparel niche, as they’re something that can be worn in both casual or formal contexts and they can be as subdued or loud as the wearer prefers. There’s lots of versatility in this apparel item, so if you’re looking for a simple core product you can jazz up with custom designs, this could be a good option for you.


Print-on-Demand Kids Clothing

Creating custom products isn’t just for adults, kids’ clothing is an existing business audience you can start selling products for. When it comes to kids’ clothing, the designs can often be more colorful, loud, bright and bold, so there’s lots of room to be creative when designing print-on-demand kids’ clothing.


Print-on-Demand Baby Clothes

Not only is there a huge market for kids’ clothing, but there is for baby clothing items as well. In this category of print-on-demand products, consider the entire spectrum of baby clothes and accessories: Bibs, beanies, onesies, tops, blankets and more. Many print on demand sites offer baby clothing allowing you to design white label products for babies. Parents can save on shipping costs when they buy multiple items from your company.

Print-on-Demand Accessories


Print-on-Demand Hats

Although it’s a hugely saturated market, there’s still demand for hats and they never seem to go out of style. Whether it’s baseball hats, trucker hats, dad hats or something in between, hats are a popular accessory that can easily be spruced up with creative printed designs. You can also sell toques, beanies, bucket hats, and visors, giving you the flexibility to sell multiple hat styles from various print on demand sites.

PHONE CASESPrint-on-Demand Phone Cases

Phone cases are a top-selling item, and also a product that’s been trending in recent years. Since people tend to upgrade their smartphone every year or two, it often means that these same customers upgrade their phone cases as well, meaning demand isn’t slowing down any time soon. Learn how to start your own phone case business. As phone models change, the styles available by print on demand services also adapt so you can always sell the most popular cases.


Print-on-Demand Tote Bags

A highly customizable product, these bags are a blank canvas in the accessories world. With essentially a blank slate to work with, create any design you’d like: Use images, patterns, designs, words, typography, etc. They’re also a product that’s gaining momentum in a growing market as consumers become more conscious of their environmental impact and switch from plastic shopping bags to reusable ones.


Print-on-Demand Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are another great reusable bag option for order fulfillment. If you’re considering stocking other bags in your ecommerce store, consider also stocking drawstring bags so your customers have more product choices to choose from.


Print-on-Demand Backpacks

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, but you can redecorate it! Backpacks have stood the test of time and there’s very stable market demand for them, so if you’re looking for a really solid product idea you know will sell but you still want to inject your brand’s personality into in some way, then sell custom products like backpacks.


Print-on-Demand Socks

Another product that has stood the test of time (no pun intended) are socks. You should start selling custom products like socks as they are a main piece of nearly every person’s day-to-day wardrobe. They’re also a product that fosters so much potential when it comes to creativity and design, plus they’re an easy product for customers to switch up in their wardrobe. You’ll find many print on demand companies who give you the option to do an all over print so you can sell socks people love.


Print-on-Demand Travel Bags

Travel is a big part of many consumers’ lives, so you should sell products like travel bags. This is a great product idea to sell online in the travel niche using a print on demand company.


Print-on-Demand Cosmetics Bags

Print on demand companies sell a lot of fun products like this cosmetic bag. They’re also practical products used by consumers for both travel and storage so they have many different potential uses for which the designs can cater towards. You can set your own prices by selling high quality products like this with a unique design. The fulfillment process from the various print on demand companies makes running an ecommerce business in the beauty space so much easier.


Print-on-Demand Scarves

Print on demand companies are starting to diversify their product collections to include items like scarves. Currently, two print on demand services sell this popular winter item, which makes a good addition for a clothing, accessories, or scarves ecommerce business. Your existing website can include these direct to garment printing products.


There is currently a print-on-demand company that allows you to sell private label makeup. You could add your logo to makeup so that your brand receives recognition as the creator. For those looking to sell lipsticks, skincare products, brow kits, bronzer, mascara, and more will be able to sell makeup in 2022.


Print-on-Demand Bandanas

This a product that can round out any accessories store as bandanas have been rising back onto the fashion scene as of late. If you’re including bandanas in your ecommerce store, consider the types of designs you’ll get printed onto them to make them appealing to your target market. The print quality on fabrics is typically high quality, making the final product a great addition for your product line.


print on demand shoes

Print-on-demand companies also sell a range of footware that you can add custom designs too all over. Whether you create a shoe store or a fashion store that includes shoes is your choice, but either option could work successfully.


Print-on-Demand Neck Ties

Print-on-demand services are starting to sell POD neckties to potential customers like you. If you’re interested in customizable products like neckties, get ready to have lots of fun designing the prints that will be printed onto them.


pod belt

Print-on-demand companies allow you to sell belts with a unique all over design on them. You could create belts in solid colors that aren’t typically found in stores, or you could add a unique design to them to stand out from the competition.


Print-on-Demand Compact Mirrors

Most merchants probably don’t think about compact mirrors when they think about POD products to sell online, so if you’re looking for a less conventional product idea, this could be a good option. Consider also adding this as a product to your store if you’re selling cosmetics bags like we mentioned above.


Print-on-Demand Luggage Tags

Another accessory that fulfills the needs of the travel niche, suitcases and luggage tags can be a useful addition to travel-inspired stores. Pair this type of product with travel bag products for a well-rounded ecommerce store using a print-on-demand service like Printify or Gooten.


print on demand jewelry

The best print-on-demand product is one that caters to a big market. Jewelry is a popular niche you can sell in. The print quality is high with this product and the order fulfillment process is quick. Since the product is small you’ll also benefit from cost effective shipping.


Print-on-Demand Yoga Mat

As an accessory for athletic consumers whether they’re working out at home, in the gym or in studios, yoga mats are a versatile product that have lots of room for creative designs to suit whatever their main target market is.


Print-on-Demand Puzzles

A less-conventional POD product, but one that you as a merchant can have a lot of fun with, puzzles are a tried-and-tested product there’s steady demand for. If you chose to pursue this product idea, think about the type of niche you’ll target with the designs to separate yourself from competitors.


Print-on-Demand Pin Back Buttons

Pin-back buttons are a rising trend in recent years, especially within the music scene and for consumers interested in participating in social or environmental campaigns.

Print-on-Demand Homewares


print on demand dinnerware

Plates and bowls can be manufactured by print on demand companies like TeeLaunch. You could design elegant patterns, holiday designs, and more for people looking to find dinnerware sets.


print on demand candle

You can also find candles with printing options. They can come in a range of scents making the product quality high. You can add your own branding using POD companies like Printify. These customized products can be sold on ecommerce platforms like Shopify.


Print-on-Demand Aprons

Another practical item that can be used by so many different types of consumers, this type of product can be a great addition to homeware stores or stores selling kitchen-related items. This is another product where the design printed on it is what makes it unique, so take thoughtful consideration into the niche market you want to appeal to if you choose to supply print-on-demand aprons.


Print-on-Demand Mugs

An essential product in most household, coffee cups are one of those items that never falls out of style. With steady demand for this product you can be sure that it’s something your target market will likely have a use for, and it’s something you can make unique to your store with custom designs, patterns or slogans printed on it.


Print-on-Demand Throw Pillows

A popular home-decor item, throw pillows are typically interchanged and updated throughout the seasons so they can be a lucrative product to sell. They’re very versatile in terms of what designs and slogans can be printed on them, so it’s possible to create an entire brand around them.


Print-on-Demand Pillowcases

Similar to throw pillows, pillowcases are an additional option to stock in homeward-related ecommerce stores. With pillowcases, customers can switch up designs and patterns more easily on their throw pillows which can make them more versatile throughout the year.


Print-on-Demand Magnets

You can also sell magnets. Custom products like magnet invitations for weddings or ones with business logos can help you sell more magnets. You could also sell magnets with popular designs on them.


Print-on-Demand Wall Art

If you’re an artist or creator interested in selling your own work, this is a great type of product to pursue. Bring your creations to life and sell them to your customers so they can display them in their homes


Print-on-Demand Posters

Similar to print-on-demand wall art, posters are virtually the same thing except they’re printed on poster paper rather than more high-quality printing paper. This means that posters are generally a less expensive option, which could be more ideal for your store depending on your target audience and the types of designs you sell.


Print-on-Demand Beach Towels

This is another less common print-on-demand product idea that there’s lots of consumer demand for. It’s also a product you as a merchant could have lots of fun designing as there’s plenty of room for creative approaches depending on the niche market you serve.


Print-on-Demand Canvas Prints

For a more professional and polished look, consider selling canvas prints of your artwork or designs. Canvas prints are more robust and hearty than wall art or poster prints, as they resemble more of a real painting effect. If you want to provide a more luxury print-on-demand product, consider stocking canvas prints in your ecommerce store.


Print-on-Demand Blankets

With so many different avenues to pursue when it comes to print-on-demand blankets, the possibilities are endless and this type of product could cater to so many different niches. Create baby blankets, blankets for movie-buffs, print your own artwork on blankets, etc. The only limit is your imagination.


Print-on-Demand Laundry Bag

Reusable bags are trending right now, and it doesn’t just stop with shopping bags. Reusable laundry bags are another environmentally friendly option and a desirable addition to sell alongside clothing or accessory products.


Print-on-Demand Placemats

Dine in style with custom-printed placemats! This is another type of product you have free reign when it comes to the types of images, designs, patterns or slogans you print on it and one that makes a welcome addition to homeware-focused stores.


Print-on-Demand Table Cloths

Create beautiful and unique tablecloths for your ecommerce store, no matter what your niche audience is. With essentially a blank canvas to work with, there’s lots of room to create a great product whether you print your own designs, artwork or slogans onto it.


Print-on-Demand Table Runners

Dress up any table quickly and simply with a unique table runner! These types of products are meant to be the focal point of a table so they can be completely unique and custom. You have plenty of space to add images and designs to so let your imagination run wild.


Print-on-Demand Cutting Board

This is the type of product you can have a lot of fun bringing to life as a print-on-demand product as cutting boards are typically sold in very generic and simple colors. If you want to offer something different, consider creating cutting boards your customers have never seen before by getting images, photos, patterns, or slogans printed onto them.


Print-on-Demand Koozies

Bring your own brand of drink koozies to your store with these print-on-demand options! These are a well-loved item you can stock as a quick add-to-cart product or upsell to suggest to customers at checkout. If you sell beverage products on your ecommerce store too, these could be a relevant bonus product to encourage customers to purchase as well.


Print-on-Demand Bottle Openers

Another quick add-to-cart product are bottle openers, especially if you’re selling kitchen items or beverage-related products. These are also easy products that you can add to your site and although they’re small, so there’s not much room to print on them, if you make use of the space efficiently you can come up with some clever designs.


print on demand bento box

A print-on-demand service can allow you to design lunch boxes for people who work in an office. The lunch box will help keep their food warm or cool and separated from other things in their bags. Currently, the only print-on-demand company to offer lunch boxes is Printify.


Print-on-Demand Cloth Napkins

Add cloth napkins as a final addition to your print-on-demand product offering to round out your ecommerce store. Consider printing the designs, artwork or slogans you print on your other products onto this product as well so you can create matching sets or give your customers more choice.


print on demand ice bucket

Print-on-demand companies have started selling ice buckets. You could add summer designs, your brand’s logo, or reach out to licensed brands for permission, such as sports teams, Disney, or other big brands, to add their designs on your ice bucket.


pod oven mitt

Print-on-demand companies like Printify also allow you to sell kitchenware like oven mitts. You could add unique colors, holiday designs, or cool patterns to sell unique oven mitts people will love.


Print-on-Demand Acrylic Trays

These products are convenient for using as a catchall tray in entrances for keys or on tables for trinkets, and they’re also used as a decorative item, especially if they’re printed with an eye-catching design or an interesting slogan. Add them to your store to provide customers with a unique homeware item they might otherwise think to purchase.


Print-on-Demand Tea Towels

These are perhaps one of the most widely-used homeware items in every kitchen and they’re certainly something you have lots of space to print your own designs or images onto. Print your own artwork, sketches or creations onto tea towels for a unique upgrade on conventional tea towels, or bring the tea towel of your dreams to life with whatever pattern or design you’d like to see printed onto a tea towel.


Print-on-Demand Shower Curtains

There’s certainly a lot of room for unique shower curtains on the market, so if you’re stocking any other homeware items from this list onto your store, consider offering your same designs onto shower curtains as well. There’s steady demand for this type of product, so you don’t have to worry about a lack of market demand.


Print-on-Demand Bath Mats

Another homeware staple, bath mats are an essential item in every bathroom. If you’re rounding out your bathroom-focused ecommerce store, a bath mat is a perfect product to add to your inventory. When creating designs for this type of product, remember that bath mats are generally made out a fuzzy, carpet-like material which means that small details won’t show up well. Go for more bold designs or slogans and contrasting colors so it’s clear what the bath mat is depicting.


Print-on-Demand Bath Towels

An essential product in every household, bath towels are a product that have stood the test of time. This product can be made to appeal to so many different types of niches so there’s no limits with what can be printed on the bath towel of your brand’s dream.


Print-on-Demand Ottomans

This is one of the biggest print-on-demand products you’ll find on this list, which, if you’re well versed in shipping ecommerce products you’ll know that shipping large products like ottomans can be quite costly. With this information in mind, be aware that if you choose to sell ottomans on your ecommerce store, you’ll have to price your products carefully so that they cover the cost of shipping as well as the other costs required to print and pack the product. This is just something to be aware of, and your print-on-demand supplier will likely be able to help you price the product so that you can cover all manufacturing costs plus make a profit on the item.


Print-on-Demand Rugs

One of the slightly more unusual print-on-demand products, rugs aren’t your run-of-the-mill customizable items. Take this opportunity to add a great product to your inventory that your customers wouldn’t normally expect to see.


Print-on-Demand Tapestries

Not only can artwork be printed on posters or canvases, consider printing it on tapestries, too. They make stunning wall hangings and they’re often easier and less expensive to ship than artwork printed on canvases, which means your profit margins will be more generous.


Print-on-Demand Coasters

A classic product and one that has served its purpose throughout the ages, coasters are the kind of item that can be printed with anything on them. No matter what niche you’re serving or who your target audience is, you can print relevant artwork, designs or slogans on them. Create an entire store around coasters or add them to your product offering, they’re the type of product that can stand alone or with others.


Print-on-Demand Christmas Stockings

A staple item throughout the holiday season for some consumers, holiday stockings can be decorative or functional parts of holiday celebrations. Depending on your niche, this might be a product you want to offer, however, bear in mind that the sales for this type of product fluctuate throughout the year and will likely have low sales rates outside of the holiday season.


Print-on-Demand Tree Skirts

This is another product where the sales fluctuate throughout the seasons, so take that into consideration if this is a product you’re interested in selling. Tree skirts are most popular around the main holiday period, as they’re used to decorate the floor area around the base of a holiday tree, and there’s very little similar use for them throughout the year. To boost the sales for this type of product year after year, consider making limited edition versions of this product that your customers may be interested in collecting year after year.


Print-on-Demand Duvet Covers

A common household item, duvet covers are the perfect canvas to print designs, artwork, and slogans onto. Since there’s so much room for versatility, they make a great product to sell to nearly any niche and audience. With this product, however, it’s important to remember that you’ll likely have to stock different sizes of the product, as duvets typically come in more than one size. This means that you’ll have to list multiple Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) for every design you list on your store, which is just an important piece of website housekeeping to be aware of.


Print-on-Demand Outdoor Mats

Create unique floor mats your customers can lay on their doorsteps to welcome visitors to their homes with custom print-on-demand floor mats. Since this product is slightly on the larger and heavier side, it’s going to be more complicated and costly to ship, so keep that in mind when determining your product pricing.


Print-on-Demand Outdoor Pillows

Rather than just focusing on indoor pillows like throw pillows, outdoor pillows are another great product option that aren’t typical print-on-demand products. This type of product will also be slightly more costly to ship because it’s bulky, so think about that when developing your product pricing.


Print-on-Demand Ornaments

Another predominantly seasonal item on this list, ornaments rise and fall in popularity around the holidays. Turn your own designs into ornaments, create custom slogan ornaments or print images onto them, the options are endless when it comes to ornaments. No matter what your niche is, this product type could be a welcome addition to your store’s product offering every season.

Print-on-Demand Stationery & Office Supplies


Print-on-Demand Journals

Journals and notebooks have been a trending product in the last few years so if you’re looking for a print-on-demand product that on the rise, this could be a good option for you. When creating a business around journals and notebooks, take into consideration that there are so many brands selling similar products on the market, so ask yourself how your products will stand out from the crowd. Since you’ll be using print-on-demand, this differentiation will likely come from the designs, patterns or slogans you get printed on journal cover itself.


Print-on-Demand Greeting Cards

Greeting cards have a huge amount of versatility and they’re a great product to sell if you have your own artwork or writing to sell on them. They make a great addition to any stationary store, so if you’re looking to create a well-rounded ecommerce store for stationery lovers, consider adding greeting cards to your roster.


Print-on-Demand Wall Calendars

Calendars are another relevant item that can be added to stores that sell stationary-related products, however, remember with calendars that they have an expiration date, so to speak, in that they are only relevant for a year and then they’re outdated. Since you’ll be using the print-on-demand business model though, this won’t be a major concern for you because you’ll be purchasing stock one-by-one as your customers order it, so you won’t have to worry about whether you’ll be able to sell out of all of your stock before the new year comes around.


Print-on-Demand Tablet Cases

Tablet cases are a practical product that can be lucrative to sell as their margins can be quite comfortable. Remember, however, that when tablets get updated to new versions it’s likely that their cases will have to be as well, meaning that you’ll have to constantly be on top of stocking the right cases for the products that are currently being sold on the market. Again, because you’ll be sourcing from dropshipping suppliers that have no MOQs, this shouldn’t be a problem because you won’t be purchasing inventory in advance.


Print-on-Demand Acrylic Boxes

These transparent picture frames are a trendy and modern approach to conventional picture frames and they make a simple yet striking addition to any room. These are a unique print-on-demand product to sell and one that can be used to showcase artwork, designs or slogans.


Print-on-Demand Stickers

Depending on the niche you target, stickers can be a useful and sought-after product. An audience that’s highly interested in stickers, for example, are teachers and another use case for stickers includes brands where they use them as brand merchandise and in the shipping box packing process. Although not all niche markets have a use case for sticker products, the ones that do will likely purchase in bulk and they may even repurchase over and over, so it could be a high-volume ecommerce product to pursue.


Print-on-Demand Mousepads

This is another instance where not every consumer has a use case for this product, however, there are certainly niche groups that do. For example, avid mouse-users like computer gamers and office workers likely still use mouse pads frequently, so we recommend thinking carefully about your target audience if you choose to pursue this print-on-demand product and possibly consider offering as an add-on product at checkout.

Print-on-Demand Pet Supplies


Print-on-Demand Pet Beds

Stocking products for furry friends rather than humans? Why not sell dog beds with your own custom designs printed on them!


Print-on-Demand Pet Bandanas

While you’re at it, how about selling pet bandanas, too? They’re a versatile product that almost every different breed of dog can wear and you can even zone in on creating breed-specific designs to hone in on a certain niche of dog lovers.


print on demand leash

Gooten and Printify are print-on-demand companies that allows you to sell pet leashes. You could customize the leash with your customer’s pet’s photo, your logo, or a popular design.


print on demand collar

A print-on-demand company like Gooten also sells pet collars that you can customize with your customer’s pet’s name or with an attention grabbing design.


print on demand pet bowl

Gooten is the only print-on-demand company that sells pet bowls. You can customize the pet bowl in numerous ways to appeal to all pet owners.


That’s our roundup of 85 print-on-demand business ideas you can choose to start your own print-on-demand business! With the information and ideas in this article you should have an understanding of how to get your print-on-demand business started and some product ideas to get started selling!

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