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With the tweet chat tips in this post you can host an awesome Twitter chat and position yourself as a leader within your niche.

Tweet chats are a powerful way to engage your Twitter audience and grow your social media influence.

Here are some of the benefits to hosting and participating in Tweet chats:

  • Position yourself as an authority
  • Create greater brand awareness
  • Build relationships with influencers
  • Get more Twitter followers
  • Connect and engage with a wider audience
  • Showcase relevant, helpful, and useful content around a topic
  • Establish yourself as an expert

What is a tweet chat anyways? A tweet chat is a live Twitter event where all questions are focused around a common topic.

Sometimes people call tweet chats Twitter chats, these two terms mean the same thing, however I prefer the term tweet chat.

Typically there is a moderator and a host or multiple co-hosts who lead the chat.  The moderator asks the questions and the host(s) get the conversation started by answering the questions and engaging with the audience.

To keep the conversation within common threads official tweet chat hashtags are used.

A set time is also established so that everyone is on the same page about when the tweet chat is happening.

Here are twenty of my top tweet chat tips so you can crush it the next time you take part in one of these awesome Twitter events.

1. Promote Your Tweet Chat in Advance

By promoting your tweet chat in the weeks and days leading up to it you enhance your chance that it will be a success.

One way to do this is by creating a social tile that you can easily share with your social networks to help spread the word.

Below is an example of a social tile of a tweet chat I recently co-hosted for IBM.

2. Participate Before You Host

By participating in tweet chats before you host you will discover first hand exactly how a tweet chat plays out.

Plus if your answers stand out there is a good chance you will be invited to participate or host a chat in the future.

3. Introduce Yourself and Announce Your Tweet Chat

Get people excited with a fun intro tweet letting people know that your tweet chat is about to begin and how they can join in.

4. Choose a Custom Tweet Chat Hashtag3d-hashtag

By creating a custom tweet chat hashtag you make it easy for everyone to follow the conversation.

The potential bonus effect of this is if enough people use your hashtag it can result in your tweet chat trending.

If your tweet chat trends then it can bring a ton of new people into the conversation and create plenty of additional exposure for the topics you are tackling.

5. Create Images Featuring The Tweet Chat Questions and Hashtag

With branded graphics featuring the tweet chat questions and hashtag you make it clear who is leading and moderating the conversation.

The graphic below from Hootsuite is a good example of the right way to use images for a tweet chat.

6. Keep Your Questions Short and Sweet

As you likely already know tweets can only be up to 140 characters long.

Since you want people engaging with your content make your questions short and straight to the point.

This way people can succinctly respond and still have room to include your tweet chat hashtag.

7. Pre-Write Your Tweet Chat Answers

By writing out your tweet chat answers ahead of time you will have more time to give them thought and support them with research.

This way you can quickly answer the questions in the tweet chat and then shift your focus to engaging with the answers that other people are sharing.

8. Create a Facebook Event For The Tweet Chat

facebook-events-logoCreating a Facebook event for a chat enables you to invite people you know personally to participate in your tweet chat.

IBM does this within the futurist community for tweet chats hosted by futurists and it works quite well.

9. Make The Chat More Fun With GIFS

According to Tyler Menzel the editorial director of GIPHY people who use GIF’s in messages are 30 percent more likely to get a response and more likely to have conversations that last twice as long.

Although I don’t have GIF reports directly related to Twitter my personal experience has been that tweets containing GIF’s often get more engagement than plain text tweets, so I definitely recommend using GIF’s in tweet chats.

10. Invite Influencers to Participate

To maximize the reach and engagement of your tweet chat invite special guests and influencers to participate.

This can create a win/win situation where value is added from the knowledge of the influential person plus more people will get involved due to the influencer engaging their audience.

Tweepsmap, Followerwonk and Buzzsumo are three cool tools you can use to find influencers.

11. Choose a Tweet Chat Time Tactfully

Twitter analytics tools are able to reveal the best time of day to tweet based on your following.

The graph below of the was generated for me by Tweepsmap based on my Twitter followers and their time zones.


By scheduling a tweet chat for when your tweets have the greatest reach you will give your tweet chat questions the greatest chance at getting engagement from your followers.

12. Add Your Chat to a Twitter Chat Directory

The website Tweet Reports has a Twitter Chat schedule that you can add your Twitter chat to.

Twubs also has a Twitter chat list where you can promote your tweet chat or find one to join in on.

13. Connect With People Who Join in The Chat

By being active in tweet chats you will find that many people will follow you when they like the answers and content you are sharing

You can increase this effect and get more Twitter followers by engaging with people on a tweet chat and then connecting with them.

When you initiate connections with people you have engaged with on a tweet chat the follow back rate will be very high.

14. Reward People For Participatingreward-gift

Show appreciation for those who participate by re-tweeting the valuable insights they share.

The more you can to to say thanks to the people who join in the better your chances are that they will engage with you and join in on chats you host in the future.

Gift certificates, free trials, or exclusive coupons for your products or services are three ways you can reward people for getting involved in your tweet chat.

15. Use Tweet Chat Tools

Tweet chat apps can help make managing the mayhem of a tweet chat a little easier.Tweet-chat-birds

The tweet chat tools that I recommend checking out are:

  • Tweet Chat (For creating a pauseable stream to make your tweet chat more manageable)
  • Twubs (Cool place to register your tweet chat hashtag to help it gain exposure)
  • Twchat (Another place to register a tweet chat and create a “room”)

Another Twitter tool that works great for tweet chats and much more is Hootsuite. With Hootsuite you can create multiple columns so you can track a tweet chat hashtag, your mentions, and more all on one screen.

16. Share Your Mentions With a Wider Audience

Sometimes in a tweet chat it makes sense for your @mentions to go out to your entire audience, rather than just to the person you are replying to.

This will help your tweets achieve more reach so that more people can potentially get involved in your tweet chat.

To send a tweet when you mention someone to all followers start your tweet with a period. This way your tweet will go out to all of your followers instead of just to those who follow you and the person you are mentioning.

Trump shows how it’s done below.

17. Share The Story on Your Blog

After hosting a Twitter chat I recommend doing a round up post on your blog and sharing the best answers and insights.

If you use a self-hosted WordPress blog sharing tweets as I have done in this post is as easy as copying in the URL’s of the tweets you want to share.

18. Create a TweetChat Widget

With a Twitter search widget you can create an interactive interface so that you can turn any website you add it to into a portal for your tweet chat.

Below is what your Twitter widget might look like if you select the dark color theme.


19. Thank People for Participating

Saying thank you to the people who participated in your chat is a great way to wrap things up.

If you really want your thank you to have a lasting impression write it out by hand and mail it to the person you are thanking.

A little bit of appreciation often goes a long way.

20. Turn Tweet Chat Answers Into Evergreen Content

By taking the best answers from the tweet chat and turning them into graphics you can create evergreen content that can be used long after the tweet chat is over.


Hopefully you enjoyed these tweet chat tips! If you found this post valuable it would be awesome of you to share it with your followers on Twitter. 🙂


Have you ever participated in or hosted a tweet chat before?

Let us know your best tweet chat tips with a comment below!

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